Up to 5000 BTU Ductless MiniSplit

There are very few manufacturers that are currently making small-capacity ductless mini split systems for home or work. They are very small and offer a low profile, along with attractive covers in a variety of colors. They result is that they blend into any d├ęcor in your living or working.

Mini split systems up to 5000 Btu may offer just cooling, or heating and cooling combined in a very versatile mini split system. These minisplit air conditioners and heat pumps are ideal for small rooms where ducted heating and cooling is not available or not desired. Choose a small mini split system up to 5000 Btu for a bathroom, small bedroom or an office. But they are also a great choice for computer and electronics rooms where the equipment must be kept at a cooler temperature than the home or building as a whole. Small ductless systems up to 5000 Btu that offer heat are very useful for heating small storage rooms in areas that are typically unheated, where supplies or products need to be kept from freezing.